You control how your data is used and discovered.

At CHNL, we believe you are the customer. You should be able to choose how your data is used. Subscribers will have full control of who can use or view their content. Share with with just family and friends or the world.

View the content you want to watch anywhere.

Creators are always submitting content. Audio and Video. Live and On-Demand. Images. Text. Creators will be able to reach out to their followers in unique ways to grow their fan base and discover new trends before anyone else.

Content Creators inspire all of us.

We give content creators the ability to reach their audience on any platform. Mobile, desktop, tablet, television? It's all the same to us and we will provide you with the analytics to find and reach new CHNL viewers.

Reach out and chat.

Exploring and messaging your community with text, push notifications, and schedules of your live events to keep your audence eagauged. In addition, multiple monetization options are available so that you can get compensated for your work.

Get Together, Collaborate, Explore.

Come one, come all. Network with you family and frends. Join forces and work together to build your community. From computers to fashion to automotive, join forces to create your own channel for non-stop entertainment for your followers.