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Privacy and Security First

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We know that you are concerned about the visibility of your data. That’s why we are building CHNL to provide complete control over the way on how your data is used. As a subscriber, you will be able to determine who can view your content and who can use your content. If you want to make your content visible only to friends and family members, you can easily control the visibility. 



You will easily network with your friends and family. Along with that, you can even network with others who share the same interests and develop a vibrant community. 



Content creators continue to upload content along with time. Your followers will even be able to locate the content you share effortlessly.



All content creators should engage with their audiences. We will help you to break the barriers of engaging with your followers as well. 



As a content creator, you know that your followers are using multiple channels to access the content. That's why we provide  multiple channels. 

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Customers want control over how their data is used.

Company A

Over 80% of users opt out of cross-application tracking

Company C

$650M settlement over facial recognition program

Company E

Teen girls are being targeted through algorithms terrible body images causing them them to hate themselves.

Company B

$92M settlement over data privacy

Company D

Courts found plaintiffs have stated a claim that "falls within the exemption to Section 230"

Company F

Paid $170 Million for Alleged Violations of Children’s Privacy Law